With riveting force and authority, Down Tight has captured a foothold in a tough environment--the club and corporate event scenes. Much of DownTight's impact is in the feel of the music they produce. Down Tight doesn't imitate, they recreate and innovate, making them a real crowd pleaser.


Mated equally to the "feel" of the music is the explosive technical skill each member possesses. From the soulful sounds of their two lead singers, slicing guitar licks, and virtuoso drum thumping, this band knows music. All members have played professionally for an average of 10 years. Simply stated, Down Tight plays music for the sheer love of it. Refreshing, isn't it?


So sit back and give a listen to Down Tight. Carefully note how the guitar blends naturally; how the drum reverberates on command; pay close attention to the lead and background vocals and how well their harmonies blend. The sum total of these elements working in harmony transcends the commonplace. Without a doubt, Down Tight performs music that everyone who has ears will enjoy.

ANTOINETTE WALKER  Vocals - Keyboard


Antoinette has been a professional singer since the age of fifteen. Born in the Philippines and raised in Guam, Antoinette comes from a musical family. In 1996, Antoinette's singing career brought her to San Francisco where she began writing songs and recording original music.

She grew as a singer recording songs with Bay Area funksters, Littletown and acid jazz artist, TTL. In 1999, Antoinette moved to Los Angeles. While arranging material for her debut album, she enjoys singing favorites from the soul singers of the '60's to the divas of the 90's.

BILLY WALKER  Vocals - Keyboard - Trumpet


Billy has been playing professionally for over 20 years and has been in bands such as, After Hours, Touch of Brass, The Escape, and The Miix. Born the son of a Jazz trumpet player, Billy started playing trumpet at a the young age of 10, and found his true passion of singing at 15.

His soulful voice was influenced by artist such as Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, and Teddy Pendergrass to name a few. While currently playing covers with Down Tight, he intends to include some of his and other members original music into the current play list.

TIM BURKE Guitar - Vocals


Tim graduated from the guitar program at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. Ever since, he has played as a fulltime professional, or more recently, as a semiprofessional in a variety of situations: casuals, studio/recording, clubs, and the occasional birthday party for wealthy spinsters' poodles. He has his own recording studio where he has produced and engineered recording projects and demos for singers, bands, and songwriters, as well as scored for films. He has worked for Yamaha Music as member of a team arranging for its MIDI Library of songs. In 2005, he licensed the rights for his novelty song Killer Trees” to be used over the end credits of Root of All Evil,” a B-movie horror cult classic about killer trees that parodied Jaws. Besides the usual lead and rhythm guitar responsibilities, he doubles on synth-guitar, covering various traditional keyboard parts - horns, electric/acoustic piano, strings, fiddle, B3 organ, to name but a few.

PAUL GARRETT  Drums - Percussion


Paul has a very positive and confident attitude towards his musical career as a drummer. He has been playing drums for the last fifthteen years in various top-forty, R+B, Funk and Rock bands. His fifthteen years of "Live" experience provide the solid foundation And pocket/feel necessary to motivate dancers to the dance floor.

Paul, in his own words, wants to make music as a unit with his fellow players and be successful at it. It is, also, equally important to be pleasing to the audience, club owners, and agents to stay on the road for success!



With his big bottom end sound, Coy produces style and technique few can compare to. Coy has been playing professionally for over 20 years and has played with artists such as, Chump Change, The Raging Monkee's, The Miix, and recording artist B.B. King.

His variety of styles and musical influences makes him a truly versatile asset to any situation. He takes pride in the sound he gets and that is evident by the high end equipment he uses.


Contact Info: Billy Walker


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